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Goodreads Loves Head of the Class



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My First Review of Cream! And It’s Delish!!!!

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I love the line where she says she could drink Jacinto up with a straw! I feel the same way about him. He’s just delectable. Definitely a thinking woman’s hero.

We’ve Got Cream Everywhere!!!





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Cream is Available Now


I’m so excited about this novella! Here’s the blurb:

Meredith Brooks is a closer, a deal maker for one of the largest real estate development firms in Kansas City. She specializes in making the deals other brokers can’t make and is only called in on the most difficult situations. Jacinto Scott is the personification “difficult situation.” Meredith’s company has contracts on most of land surrounding his property, but he is inexplicably holding out. Time is running out, as the contracts for the other properties are about to expire. Meredith initially thinks closing this deal will be all too easy, but the instant attraction between them is an unwelcome distraction. Driven and ambitious she has always kept her sex life in a nice little compartment on her overbooked calendar, but almost immediately she knows Jacinto is going to change all that.


Cream Cover


Isn’t it a thing of beauty? I’m so proud of it. With any luck I’ll have Cream uploaded by tomorrow.

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