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Work on my next book, Cream, is going so very well it might be ready by next week! People are downloading Head of the Class (1300 so far!) so much and I hope they enjoy it enough to come back for Milk and Honey. My cover artist is working on it and I just can’t wait until you see it.


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Don’t miss this great opportunity to get my book, Head of the Class for the low, low price of free. Hurry, it’s only for five days and if you like it, be sure to post a review. Thanks so much.

Head of the Class



Hello, my name is Cyndi, and I’ve wanted to write my whole life. My first book, Head of the Class, is available now at Amazon, Smashwords and B&N.

A firm adherent to the friends with benefits school of sex it only takes one encounter with Michael, a sizzling hot elementary school teacher to make Caja question her principles, her libido, and finally her sanity. Much too busy to invest time in relationships she has always preferred fuck buddies; men who are no more interested in commitment than she is. It’s an ideal situation, she gets her sexual needs met and still has plenty of time for her true passion; the chain of fitness centers she owns. As far as she’s concerned, Michael will be no different, or so she thinks.

Unfortunately for Caja, Michael just isn’t a casual sex kind of guy. He lets her know in no uncertain terms that he’s not prepared to settle for anything less than a committed relationship. To Caja’s stunned amazement he cuts her off leaving her bewitched, bothered and bewildered beyond belief. Before she gets the chance to address the way he has turned the tables on her, outside forces threaten her nascent empire. Surviving this attack will take all the skill and fortitude Caja possesses.

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